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I live less than a mile away from where many of Pope Francis’ Manila audiences will be held. And like most Filipino Catholics, I’m beside myself thinking that the “vicar of Christ on earth” will finally visit us(!).

I thought of creating this blog to chronicle the Holy Father’s apostolic and state visit, just as I did the days leading to his election in 2013. When I was writing that blog, I knew it would have a very short lifespan, ending on or a few days after election day. Somehow that thought carried some sadness.

The same thing today. This blog has an expiration date. But that’s okay. I know I’ll cherish this…journal of sorts long after the Pope has come and gone. (That’s what I did with the papal election blog.)

This blog will feature mostly my personal thoughts on the events surrounding the visit, my own adventures in getting close to the Pope, and other “pope stuff.”

Good luck to me and God bless the Pope!


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