How to get the most out of the Pope’s visit

So here’s the Holy Father’s itinerary. Since I can neither bilocate (like St Padre Pio) nor apparate (like Harry Potter), I have to be in the most strategic places to get a good glimpse of the Pope.

Infographic by The Varsitarian (awesome)

This isn’t final yet, but I’ll probably do this:

January 15 (Thursday)

  • Get a glimpse of him in the motorcade from the airport to his residence. I’m thinking of waiting for him on Taft Avenue corner Escoda Street. It’s close to my place.
  • Sleep like a homeless dude outside the Manila Cathedral, and wait for his motorcade and Holy Mass with the clergy and religious at 11am the next day.

January 16 (Friday)

  • “Attend” his Mass outside the Manila Cathedral. Here’s one hoping that organizers will project a video of the liturgy from inside the Cathedral.
  • Rest, recharge, write, upload in the afternoon.

January 17 (Saturday)

  • Rest, recharge, write, upload, prepare.
  • Camp out with friends at Rizal Park, in preparation for the outdoor Mass the next day.

January 18 (Sunday)

  • Attend the concluding Holy Mass at the Rizal Park

It’s important that I also get Internet connection throughout. So I guess I’ll have to extend my “pocket wifi” subscription for this event. Food and hygiene are also important factors to consider before holding “vigils” for next-day events. 😛

If you have suggestions on how I could revise this schedule, please don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments below. Thanks!

Photo: Manila Cathedral on a rainy day. (darylslimshady on Flickr)
Update: An earlier edition of this post assumed that camping out at Rizal Park was allowed; it isn't.

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