Please don’t pass around the Sacred Host!

The heartbreaking footnote to this otherwise euphoric papal visit is at least one instance of losing refinement and respect to Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. Sadder still, because it was instigated (or at least tolerated) by some Communion ministers.

Outside the Manila Cathedral, during Holy Communion of the Holy Father’s Mass with the clergy and the religious, at least two extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion (a nun and a monk?) pushed into the crowd to distribute the Consecrated Host. While not entirely proper, this should be tolerable. But what happened next was appalling.

Some of the crowd — who were at least two meters away from the ministers — cried for Holy Communion. Two or three soon called out, “Pasa-pasa nalang! (Just pass Them [the Sacred Hosts] around!)”

At first the ministers did not hear them, or probably ignored it. But the people were beginning to be noisy. Some of crowd, fortunately, said, “Uy, hindi pwedeng pasa-pasa! Komunyon yan!

But the ministers were rather oblivious to the “debate.” Soon they DID pass around — from one grubby hand to another — the Sacred Hosts to the people who were asking for Communion. I saw one broken Host being handed on. Did the minister break It, or was It broken as It was being passed around? Worse, even the ciborium containing the Hosts was soon passed around!

Too distressed to bear the sight, I looked away. I was also unable to take better photos or videos.

About five minutes later, the crowd was satisfied, with the ministers still looking clueless about what they just did.

This utter irreverence to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament must not happen again. We wouldn’t want the Holy Father to be lifted and tossed and passed around like a plaything or some relief good; much less would we want the Lord of the Popes and the Universe to be disrespected in like manner.

There might have been good intention on the part of the ministers and the communicants during the “pasa-pasa” incident. But that particular way of distributing Holy Communion simply lacked respect, even love.

I’m deeply grateful to the organizers of the papal visit, but I wish that they could do something to avoid such and all kinds of Eucharistic abuse, especially in the concluding Mass on Sunday. Suggestion: tell all priests and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion to stay in their assigned places, making sure that no Host is passed around (because, who knows where or in whose hands They might end up?).

I also hope that we all see that we’d be missing the point if we’re all too excited about the Holy Father’s visit, but forget to grow in love for Christ who daily visits us in the Holy Eucharist.

Oh, and viva el Papa! 🙂


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19 thoughts on “Please don’t pass around the Sacred Host!”

  1. Reblogged this on Catholicboyrichard 2.0 and commented:
    ONE OF THE VERY IMPORTANT ISSUES HERE is to recall that we are to “receive” Jesus in the Eucharist, as well as spiritually. He never can be grabbed by us. He offers Himself to us and we humbly accept. That is a concept lost in this “smash and grab world,” as I have heard it called over the years. We need to really recall what Holy Communion is about–First it is as stated receiving Christ, and second, His Church on earth and all that she proposes to us in Faith and morals, as well as being open and docile to Her in our daily lives too. When we said that “Amen” upon receiving Him that is actually what we are saying amen to, that we literally believe we are touching and tasting the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Resurrected Christ, 2nd Person of the Triune God, and at that same moment renewing our commitment to believe in His Vicar and Church on earth. That is precisely why we as Catholic Christians have a closed Communion, not because we think we are better than our Protestant brothers and sisters or dissenting Catholic who we worship with, but that we do truly and really accept His Presence in a substantial and irrefutable way. The actions here, while likely well-intentioned, violated both of these concepts very seriously. It should never happen at any Holy Mass, but particularly not at a Papal one.

  2. On the contrary, I felt that in that instance the spirit of Jesus wanting to “feed the multitude” and that was the only way it could be done given the constraints.

    1. that was really the intention… that our brothers and sisters will get the holy eucharist, no other else. all the faithful, i would love to call them FAITHFUL as we were not only catholics who went to LUNETA, there were other denominations as well. as for now, looking back, a lot of issues can be seen, but the lessons and the strength we received from that HOLY MASS is uncomparable. no one can take that away from all of us… WE ARE ABLE TO SHOW GOD HOW MUCH GRATEFUL WE ARE, WE ARE… MEANING, THE WHOLE CITIZENRY, FOR SUCH BLESSING!

      1. I agree that most, if not all, of the faithful had no bad intention (though, of course, I can only speculate that, because who am I to judge that they indeed had no bad intention?).

        And, yes, I agree that, overall, the atmosphere was good. But then there’s an old and cliched adage: the end does not justify the means.

        I maintain that — out of respect to Jesus in the Sacred Host and out of prudence against thieves of consecrated Hosts (i.e. satanists who do ritual desecration of the Eucharist) — passing around the Blessed Sacrament is extremely disrespectful and reckless.

        Now it’s time to make atonement and move on.

  3. Personally, if the intention of the recipients is the same as those who received it inside the Church, why not… for pastoral reason… I don’t think that during the multiplication of loaves, only the apostles distributed the bread… The “pasa-pasa” event was an expression of mercy and compassion… in concrete, signifying that being closer to God is helping others received Christ as well especially those in difficult situation. However, if the situation is different, then, this should not be done… Let’s be compassionate! Let’s be understanding! Let’s be pastoral!

    1. Real mercy and compassion would be expressed by giving way to those who want to receive Communion. We don’t pass around Jesus Christ like volleyball.

  4. Coulda-woulda-shoulda. What happened is in the past & there’s nothing you can do to turn back time. Forgive & move on. Your post is doing the rounds on the internet and some directly attribute fault to the Pope…so, your Viva il Papa & professed love for Christ have gone pffft!!!

  5. Millions of people came and listened to the Pope because he is the Vicar of Christ. Sadly a lot of those who passed around the Sacred Host didn’t realize that they passed around Jesus Christ Himself, His Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Sacred Host. He should have been given more reverence than the Pope.

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